In a recent blog post, Richey May Technology Solutions’ cybersecurity team wrote up some quick tips to protect yourself against COVID-19 related cyber scams. With the rapid increase in cyber scams by the day, we have launched our real-time COVID-19 Indicator of Compromise (IOC) database. 

In effort to help customers combat COVID-19 related phishing campaigns, malware, and hacks, our cybersecurity team is monitoring the Internet and customer’s systems for IOCs daily. As new IOCs are discovered by Richey May Technology Solutions, we’ll update the database below in real-time.  

How can you can use this information 

The IOCs curated by the Richey May Technology Solutions cybersecurity team consist of malicious: 

  • URLs 
  • IP Addresses 
  • Hashes 
  • Email Addresses 
  • Domain Names 

You can use the COVID-19 IOC database as a blacklist to add to your firewall, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and email gateway to detect and prevent known cyberattacks relating to the COVID-19 outbreak.  

For help implementing the Richey May Technology Solutions COVID-19 IOC blacklist database into your environment, contact us at 

**Make sure to page through the tabs to see URLs, IP Addresses, Hashes, Email Addresses and Domain Names.