We can guide you through even the most extreme environments.

Our Full-Service Technology Team takes a consulting + implementation approach to solve even the most extreme business challenges. Our mortgage-focused team knows what challenges you face today and helps you prepare for the future. Digital lending is old new: digital business transformation rules the day and goes way beyond a single process. We are in a time of great change, from cloud services to an increasingly remote workforce to new regulations that vary by state, you need industry specialists to help you stay secure, informed and efficient.

Cybersecurity & Cloud Solutions

Our team provides ransomware response and prevention, staff augmentation, vCISO Services, cloud implementation and security and more. 

Business Intelligence: RM Analyze

In a changing competitive landscape, you need reports that help you take action. You also need reports from every piece of software you use. Finally, you need them to be easy to create, interpret and send out as needed. We can connect today to your LOS, CRM, HRIS, general ledger systems and more to get accurate, up-to-date reports.

Budgeting & Forecasting: RM Plan

To plan effectively for the future, you need the ability to compare budgets to actuals, make intelligent predictions and manage the diverse needs of your workforce. RM Plan offers user-friendly dashboards, souped up balance sheets, interactive predictive tools and flexible planning tools that help you grow intelligently.

Governance, Risk, Compliance & Privacy

You are no doubt aware of the increasing complexity of regulations in the industry and how they effect your risk. We help mortgage companies with compliance, data quality, internal controls and policies and procedures to reduce ricks to your business. Our Technology and Internal Audit teams collaborate in this area, working closely with our Cybersecurity Team as needed.

Systems Selection & Technology Management Consulting

The mortgage technology landscape is more crowded than ever. We can help mortgage leaders set their priorities and efficiently select and implement the systems your business depends on. We develop a plan based on the needs of your stakeholders and we have the development resources to customize and automate processes that cost you time and money.

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