Managed IT Services


We offer a wide variety of Managed Services to help your business operate efficiently, including technical solutions, co-managed services, and fully-outsourced support models. Richey May Technology Solutions provides access to industry-leading engineering staff who not only understand the “nuts and bolts” of technology, but who also understand your business and are committed to delivering exceptional service, promptly and proactively. 

Skilled Engineering and Integration:

In order to adapt and grow, organizations must continuously evolve and develop IT solutions and strategies that meet the challenges of today while positioning for success tomorrow. The need to upgrade or replace technology solutions often places a heavy burden on internal IT staff who are already stretched thin. Relying on Richey May Technology Solutions to recommend, design, and implement technology solutions that meet your evolving business needs enables you to focus on the execution of your strategic vision.

Computer Maintenance

We all know that routine maintenance on our cars and homes, as well as regular health and dental check-ups, can prevent problems before they happen. While most businesses rely on their computers and associated technology 24x7, many ignore routine system maintenance. Let Richey May Technology Solution’s highly-trained engineers catch problems before they impact operations.


  • Identifying problems before they happen
  • Reducing the risk of viruses and hacking
  • Faster computers = increased productivity
  • Longer-lasting equipment
  • Happier staff and management
  • Ability to plan and budget for IT and cybersecurity costs
  • Ability to meet legal and compliance requirements

Through the use of industry-leading endpoint management solutions, we can help enhance your IT maintenance and support capabilities. We offer a wide variety of cost-effective solutions, including remote control, anti-malware, anti-virus, and patch management.


Help Desk Support:

While large organizations typically have sizeable IT teams that employees can rely on for support, IT staff within smaller companies often find it difficult to keep up with help desk tickets and other support requests. With Richey May Technology Solutions’ help desk support services, you can offload some of the support requests to lighten your team’s load, or fully outsource it to us if you don’t have an IT department.


  • Access to a team of engineers with a wide range of skills
  • Flexible billing that expands or contracts along with your business cycles
  • Remote monitoring and support software for speedy resolution
  • Login to a centralized client portal to check progress on your tickets