Budgeting and Forecasting

To plan effectively for the future, you need the ability to compare budgets to actuals, make intelligent predictions and manage the diverse needs of your workforce.

Enter Richey May Technology Solutions. Our budgeting and forecasting solution offers user-friendly dashboards, souped up balance sheets, interactive predictive tools and flexible planning tools that help you grow intelligently:

  • Create unlimited versions of your budget to easily forecast any scenario.
  • Plan commissions with a flexible structure.
  • Scale up to unlimited branches and regions. Grant access to the appropriate managers with an easy submission process.
  • Continuous connections to all your data sources. Trust that your accounting plans are real time.
  • Understand your P&L on a deep level. Drill in to see more information as needed.
  • Easily create financial statements from your own data on the fly. Customize the formatting and then export with one click.
  • Import data from your General Ledger, HR System and your Loan Origination System to get up-to-date information you can cross-reference to improve your predictions.


What goes into commissions?

Start your plan with expected production, then include the true costs of healthcare plans, taxes, equipment and more to get a more accurate forecast. Next, analyze your staffing needs for operations and support to see a clear road ahead. Easily generate a copy to create a conservative and aggressive model… or anything in between. Change multiple factors or one at a time.


Financial Statements in a Snap

If you spend hours each month on financial statements, reclaim your time by pre-formatting their appearance in our tool, and then export easily as needed to Excel, Word or PDF.

Choose your level of service:

Implementation Only:
Get your dataset imports and initial reports set up to the scope you require. Your own analytics team can take it from here or…
Implementation + Additional Hours:
After implementation we can take on additional projects by the hour ‒ ideal if you’re rolling out a new company initiative or you start using a new piece of software and need reporting. Companies with a limited analytics staff may also use these hours for support as needed during a busy time of the year.
Ongoing Support:
Finally, Richey May Technology Solutions can act as your outside analytics department. Team members at your company can request reports as needed on an ongoing basis and analysts will add and advise on critical reports throughout the relationship.