Marketing Technology

A tectonic shift is occurring in marketing. In the recent past, marketing could rely on creativity and design to drive revenue through various channels. Today, marketing leaders need analytical and programmatic approaches when understanding customer needs to influence the decision-making process. This fundamental change is due to the rapid adoption of technology throughout every aspect of modern life.

Marketing technology is no longer just a part of the marketing ecosystem – it is the marketing ecosystem, no matter the size of the business. Data – customer, product, channel, content, etc. – abounds as these systems deploy. As the possible solutions exponentially rise every year, marketing leaders must understand what technology to adopt when and how their organization will effectively and efficiently optimize it.

Led by former marketing leaders who have guided our teams through systemic technology changes, from start-ups to non-profits to Fortune 200 organizations, Richey May Technology Solutions intimately understands the challenges you face with investing in marketing technology. Rather than providing stopgap “add-ons” that might fix an immediate need, we focus on guiding our clients for the long-term, helping you engage the customer, drive the revenue cycle and increase your own team’s capabilities.

Marketing Leadership Acceleration

  • Strategic and Go To Market plans
  • Fractional marketing leadership/CMO
  • Team and individual coaching
    • Skills development planning
  • Quick wins identification

Marketing Execution and Optimization

  • Engagement mapping
    • Technology current state optimization
    • Persona development and campaign planning
  • Marketing analytics dashboards
    • Data source and application analysis
  • Agency alignment and selection
    • Outsourced vs in-house capability planning
  • Sales enablement
    • Lead scoring and management, sales support optimization

Marketing Technology Guidance

  • Business case development
  • Technology roadmap and implementation plans
  • Technology partner evaluation and selection
  • Requirements definition
  • Program management and partner implementation

 Marketing Team Management

  • Organizational design with roles and responsibilities
  • Process and workflow design
  • Customized education and training plans