Governance, Risk, Compliance and Privacy


As both technology and compliance obligations become more complex and increasingly entwined, focusing on governance, data quality, and assurance will be essential for most, if not all, corporate enterprises. IT governance and privacy are not just about the risks of new information technology, or simply gauging performance of the IT organization, but are also about the development and proper implementation of appropriate policies, procedures, standards, and control definitions. The value of IT services is met by not only aligning the goals of the IT organization, but also by ensuring that business goals are met in a secure and contained manner.

Because governance, risk, compliance (GRC), and privacy are as much about risk management as they are about technology service delivery, Richey May Technology Solutions takes an enterprise approach to designing and implementing manageable solutions for our clients. Our team integrates controls within the IT services processes, and consolidates control models for multiple compliance requirements by establishing objectives that mitigate risk in the day-to-day service processes of an IT organization. This method reduces the duplicated work effort of both the IT and business resources teams, and keeps the focus on delivering measurable, quality IT services.

By supporting CXOs and IT leaders in managing their GRC and privacy applications, as well as compliance requirements, Richey May Technology Solutions works to not only solve business problems, but also add value to organizations in the process.

Benefits of our GRC and Privacy Solutions:

  • Streamlining compliance when multiple regulations or laws apply (manage once, report to multiple external and internal entities)
  • Provide an understanding of which regulations or laws apply, and provide a process model to ensure compliance
  • Risk and impact analysis for each issue that affect the enterprise
  • Integrating control objectives into the day-to-day IT services management, therefore removing duplication and reducing compliance workload on employees

Governance, Risk, Compliance & Privacy Services:

  • Information governance and privacy
  • Enterprise risk management and risk assessments
  • Internal IT compliance management (IT controls effectiveness)
  • IT strategic planning and business alignment
  • Information policies, procedures and control objectives development
  • Business continuity, incident response and disaster recovery alignment, including cybersecurity alignment
  • IT governance maturity modeling
  • Control deficiency remediation
  • GRC and cybersecurity framework analysis, modeling and implementation