Effective cybersecurity is the combination of people, process and technology working together to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets that allow your business to operate and continue to serve its customers.

In 2017, 34% of all cyber breaches* impacted small to medium sized organizations. In each incident, the average cost of remediation was $154 for every compromised customer record. In 2016, malicious cyber activity cost the global economy $600 billion** in damages.

With decades of industry experience, Richey May Technology Solutions’ team of experts delivers cybersecurity advisory and compliance services designed to help organizations identify and mitigate the risks presented by their people, processes, and technology. Our goal is to help our clients achieve compliance and reduce exposure to attacks and loss of data.


*2018 Verizon Data Breach Report
**The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Report


of all cyber breaches impacted small to medium sized organizations.

the average cost (in $) of remediation per every compromised customer record.

billion dollars in damages from malicious cyber activity across the global economy in 2016.

Virtual CISO

The cybersecurity industry has a critical shortage of qualified professionals. Most organizations find it difficult to identify and hire the right candidates, let alone retain them. Through Richey May Technology Solutions’ Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, we provide you with access to our entire team of seasoned cybersecurity experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring a single cybersecurity professional.

How a Virtual CISO can help your organization:

  • A dedicated team of security professionals versed in business operations and cybersecurity

  • Hands-on consulting for security policy, procedures, and best practice development

  • Completion of annual risk assessments, periodic vulnerability assessments and scanning, and incident response development and testing

  • Security compliance (HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, GDPR, NYDFS.NYCRR.500, PCI-DSS, and more)

  • Expert review of risk assessments and risk mitigation

  • 3rd party vendor management

  • Access to incident response teams to address critical events

  • A team of experts that can translate complex technical security requirements into business objectives

Assessment Services

In today’s environment, many organizations are subject to a number of regulatory compliance, contractual, and legal requirements related to cybersecurity. Richey May Technology Solutions provides a variety of assessment services focused on identifying critical areas of risk, enabling you to meet compliance requirements and to develop strategies to improve security and prevent data loss, while containing costs and leveraging tools and solutions you already have in place.

Richey May Technology Solutions cybersecurity assessment services include:

  • Review of current policies and procedures

  • Cybersecurity maturity assessments of current programs and technical controls

  • 3rd party vendor management

  • Review of alignment with regulations such as GLBA, GDPR, NYDFS, and PCI-DSS

  • Vulnerability assessments

  • Enterprise risk assessments

  • Penetration testing

  • Business impact analysis

  • Disaster Recovery / Incident Response testing

Incident Response

Even the best teams have cybersecurity incidents. With many regulatory bodies now requiring public disclosure in 72 hours, the initial moments during the crisis are critical. Our goal is to help you quickly understand the full impact of the incident and limit the impact on your customers and your business.

Incident Response Services Include:

  • Working to stop the incident

  • Implementing endpoint telemetry platform to identify compromised hosts

  • Reviewing configurations for cloud services that may pose a risk to the organization

  • Reviewing the incident, and working with management to determine if a data breach has occurred

  • Aiding in the development of impacted records

Skilled Engineering and Integration

In order to adapt and grow, organizations must continuously evolve and develop solutions and strategies that meet the security challenges of today while positioning for success tomorrow. The need to upgrade or replace technology solutions often places a heavy burden on internal staff, who are already stretched thin. Relying on Richey May Technology Solutions to recommend, design, and implement cybersecurity solutions that meet your evolving business needs enables you to focus on the execution of your strategic vision.

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Richey May Technology Solutions offer a wide variety of managed services to help your business operate efficiently, including technical solutions, co-managed services, and fully-outsourced support models. Richey May Technology Solutions provides access to industry-leading engineering staff who not only understand the “nuts and bolts” of technology, but who also understand your business and are committed to delivering exceptional service, promptly and proactively.

Managed Cybersecurity Services Include:

  • Vulnerability scanning

  • Endpoint security / patch management platforms

  • Managed EDR

  • Firewall monitoring

  • Group Training for Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)