In the wake of very public cyberattacks impacting such companies as Target, Sony and Equifax, cyber threats and the subsequent fallout – including significant fines, penalties, remediation cost and public scrutiny – have been on the minds of business leaders in the mortgage banking industry. Creating a holistic cyber strategy that identifies vulnerabilities, risks and threats to an organization, reduces these concerns in the future, and complies with regulatory requirements often leads an organization to appoint a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). But with the great demand for CISOs in today’s market resulting in both high vacancy rates and salaries for this position, how do lenders reduce their risk exposure and ensure compliance while also controlling costs?


Richey May’s cybersecurity advisory and compliance team developed the following white paper to help you better understand the cybersecurity landscape, the regulatory and legal requirements impacting your business, and the critical role a qualified CISO plays in your comprehensive cybersecurity strategy:


Cybersecurity and the Evolving Demands for CISOs


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