Business Intelligence

In a changing competitive landscape, you need reports that help you take action. You also need reports from every piece of software you use. Finally, you need them to be easy to create, interpret and send out as needed. Most of all, you need all that yesterday.

Richey May Technology Solutions has acquired AMATA Solutions to provide the best BI tools on the market, tailored specifically to the financial services industry.

We can provide actionable reports for every area of the company, including:






Human Resources

Customer Service


We can connect today to your LOS, CRM, HRIS, ERP systems and more to get accurate, up-to-date reports.

Once we connect your data we can:

  • Build dashboards that help you solve business problems and delegate responsibilities effectively.
  • Set goals and track progress towards them any time.
  • Provide just the right reporting from the C-Suite to front line employees with data filters. Everything private is protected and everything essential is easy to access, even from a smartphone.
  • Cross-reference data from different sources for deeper metrics. Track sales to marketing campaigns and turnover to job performance. Find deeper insights by breaking down departmental silos.
  • Build custom apps for engaging reports on key indicators.
  • Deliver reports on a schedule or based on a metrics milestone.
  • FAST stand up time – 6 weeks or less for most implementations.

Choose your level of service:

Implementation Only:
Get your dataset imports and initial reports set up to the scope you require. Your own analytics team can take it from here or…
Implementation + Additional Hours:
After implementation we can take on additional projects by the hour ‒ ideal if you’re rolling out a new company initiative or you start using a new piece of software and need reporting. Companies with a limited analytics staff may also use these hours for support as needed during a busy time of the year.
Ongoing Support:
Finally, Richey May Technology Solutions can act as your outside analytics department. Team members at your company can request reports as needed on an ongoing basis and analysts will add and advise on critical reports throughout the relationship.