Business Intelligence for Mortgage

4 topics to consider

Evaluating Your BI Tools?

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Evaluating your current Business Intelligence Tools can be an overwhelming task. While there are many things to consider, like ease of use, security and connectivity, it can be easier to examine your system by seeing if it can serve your key business needs quickly and easily.

The 4 topics here outline some key reports most mortgage leaders need in addition to the baseline production reports you’re likely to create using any system.

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Turn Times…


Do you get one clear and concise report that keeps you informed about your turn times? How easy is it to change your view to see each step in the process? Can you quickly see the numbers by department, region or branch?

Get complete turn time insights visualized how you want to see them.

Always Up To Date

Your Margins Down to The Loan Level

It’s tough to understand your costs per individual loan. In order to get it you need to combine:

  • Secondary data, like stips and tolerance cures
  • Sales data coming from the LOS
  • HR data, like pay scales and hours worked
  • Finance Data, like employee & marketing costs


Our system maps these data sources together in real time,
meaning you can look into proftiability any time.

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Profitability by Individual 

Find What’s Working & Double Down On It

Your high performing teams might not be obvious without cross referencing data from many sources. In fact, your top producers might actually be costing more than they bring in!

Find your true top performers and build coaching around their best practices.

Proactive Alerts

Your Data Tells You When It’s Time to Act

Most BI systems can send you reports on a schedule.

It’s good to get some reports regularly, but what takes your BI system to the next level is the ability to set contextual alerts.

Your data should tell you when it’s time to act. You can personalize the alerts based on your needs to prevent a flood of extra emails.

Even better, everyone in your organization can get customized alerts: no more paper to-do lists that get stale.

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