Tired of conflicting systems with no clear reporting? Tired of manual data export and import processes? 2020 is the year to assess your systems and plan a clear, strategic road map to streamlined processes, efficient systems and powerful Business Intelligence.  

Each department in your business relies on processes and software systems for everyday productivity. Your loan officers depend on an LOS, Human Resources needs functioning payroll and information systems, finance needs accounting and commissions systems, secondary needs pricing, marketing needs a CRM… the list goes on. There are literally hundreds of options available in the market to fill each niche and you may have duplicate or legacy systems from department leaders selecting their own, acquiring companies or just from hearing a compelling sales pitch.  

Compounding this issue, some systems may not have actionable reporting built in. Even if one piece of software does, it’s unlikely that it can crossreference every system in the company to find efficiencies in every department. Many mortgage leaders understand the importance of using BI to improve processes or assist with a complete picture of per-loan costs in production, but they may be missing out on opportunities to use data from recruiting, marketing, finance, etc. to develop their strategy. 

Fortunately, our mortgage-focused technology team has a solution to these critical issues, and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to get started on a Systems Assessment & Business Intelligence review. 

Our systems assessment team interviews your key stakeholders with your strategy in mind to uncover systems and process roadblocks. Then, we develop a plan to augment, re-implement, or replace your current systems. We assess and recommend based on your needs: some leaders may think they need new systems when they just need more process automation, which can be less expensive and less disruptive.   

Meanwhile, our RM Analyze team will develop a plan to implement our cutting-edge business intelligence platform to help you find your strategic advantage in your data. Our teams work together to ensure any changes integrate easily with our cloud BI tool, so you can access historical and live reporting. 

Don’t spend another year with systems that don’t communicate, waste valuable time and inhibit your competitive advantage. 

Contact us to get started today!